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Introducing Leo McArdle

Hi everyone,

We have good news from our team that I believe some of you might’ve heard already. Finally, Tasos will no longer be the only engineer in the team as SUMO has a new additional member. Please, say hi to Leo McArdle.

I’m sure Leo is not a new name for most of you. He’s been involved in the community for so long (some of you might know him as a “Discourse guy”) and now he’s taking a new role as a software engineer working in the SUMO team.

Here is a short introduction from Leo:

Hey all, I’m Leo and joining the SUMO team as a Software Engineer. I’m very excited to be working on the SUMO platform, as it was through this community that I first started contributing to Mozilla. This led me to pursue programming first as a hobby, then as a profession, and ultimately end up back here! When I’m not programming, I’m usually watching some kind of motor racing, or attempting to cook something adventurous in the kitchen… and usually failing! See you all around!

Please join us to welcome Leo!