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What’s happening on the SUMO Platform: Sprint updates

So what’s going on with the SUMO platform? We’re moving forward in 2020 with new plans, new challenges and a new roadmap.

We’re continuing this year to track all development work in 2 week sprints. You can see everything that is currently being worked on and our current sprint here (please note: this is only a project tracking board, do not use it to file bugs, bugs should continue to be filed via Bugzilla)

In order to be more transparent about what’s going on we are starting a round of blog posts to summarize every sprint and plan for the next. We’ve just closed Sprint no. 3 of 2020 and we’re moving into Sprint no.4

What happened in the last two weeks?

During the last two weeks we have been working tirelessly together with our partner, Lincoln Loop, to get Responsive Redesign out the door. The good news is that we are almost done.

We have also been working on a few essential upgrades. Currently is running on Python 2.7 which is no longer supported. We have been working on upgrading to Python3.7 and the latest Django Long Term Support (LTS) version 2.2. This is also almost done and we are expecting to move into the QA and bug fixing phase.

What’s happening in the next sprint?

During the next two weeks we’re going to start wrapping up Responsive redesign as well as the Python/Django upgrade and  focus on QA and bug fixing. We’re also planning to finalize a Celery 4 upgrade.

The next big thing is the integration of Firefox Accounts. As of May 2019 we have been working towards using Firefox Accounts as the authentication system on  Since the first phase of this project was completed we have been using both login via Firefox Accounts as well as the old SUMO login. It is now time to fully switch to Firefox Accounts. The current plan is to do this mid-March but expect to see some communication about this later this week.

For more information please check out our roadmap and feel free to reach out if you have any questions