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The 8th SUMO sprint

Last Tuesday we finished the 8th SUMO sprint of this year. I’s been a short sprint, because for half of it Mozilla web developers met for a work week in … Read more

SUMO sprint 2012.4

This is a quick update on what we are currently working on in the 4th SUMO sprint of this year, the results of this sprint will go live between February … Read more

SUMO 2.4 – The end of the tunnel

Two weeks ago, we released SUMO 2.4, completing a year-long project to replace the SUMO platform! SUMO 2.4 moved the last bits of functionality into Kitsune, our Django-based platform. These … Read more

SUMO 2.1: New Discussion Forums

On Wednesday this week, we migrated the discussion forums on to our new platform. The forums we moved over are Contributors Off Topic Knowledge Base Articles We did not … Read more