Articles in “Development”

Screencasts are coming!

I’m sure everyone knows the cliche “A picture is worth a thousand words.” It is certainly true, and in the Firefox Support knowledge base we’ve encouraged the use of screenshots … Read more

Help test localizing SUMO modules

On the Firefox Support start pages[1][2], there are blocks of text on the sidebar labeled “Improve the Knowledge Base” and “Thunderbird”. Those are referred to as “modules”, and until now … Read more

Designing a Live Chat web client

Over the past few weeks we’ve been working to collect ideas and feedback for the SUMO Live Chat web client. Contributors currently use the open source Spark client to help … Read more

SUMO 0.8.2

Last Thursday, SUMO 0.8.2 was pushed to the Firefox Support website. This update was more about pushing whatever fixes were checked in, so the SUMOdev team can start focusing on … Read more

SUMO 0.8.1

Hi folks! Earlier this week, there was another update to, I’d like to tell you about. This update was tagged as SUMO 0.8.1. The Vietnamese localization has now been … Read more

SUMO 0.8

A couple of weeks ago, the bug fixes for SUMO 0.8 were pushed to This update has quite a few goodies! New search engine Over the summer, student Alexandre … Read more

SUMO 0.7.3

On Tuesday December 2nd, the bug fixes for SUMO 0.7.3 were applied to the Firefox Support web site. One new feature that should help us get a better handle on … Read more