Help test localizing SUMO modules

On the Firefox Support start pages[1][2], there are blocks of text on the sidebar labeled “Improve the Knowledge Base” and “Thunderbird”.

Those are referred to as “modules”, and until now those blocks have not been localizable. We are in the midst making the interface translator work on those modules. If you’d like to help test it, you can do so on the the staging server.
username: support
password: stage

If you have any issues with it, comment on bug 444439 .

If you’re not familiar with the interface translator and have questions, just reply to this post.


[1]Website home page
[2]Product Help start page

4 comments on “Help test localizing SUMO modules”

  1. Tomer wrote on

    Please add the needed RTL support to sumo pages. It make it look very unprofessional that the official Firefox help which is linked from the help menu in the application itself looks broken for some locales.

  2. Chris Ilias wrote on

    Hi Tomer;
    That bug is already reported (by you!). See bug 437891.

  3. warthan wrote on

    i need open websait im refresh and no open its only error :/ help plz this bug :/

  4. Chris Ilias wrote on

    warthan: If you have a problem with Firefox and don’t find your answer in the knowledge base, visit the Ask a question page. Thanks!