Screencasts are coming!

I’m sure everyone knows the cliche “A picture is worth a thousand words.” It is certainly true, and in the Firefox Support knowledge base we’ve encouraged the use of screenshots to help users understand the text. But have you ever heard of “A video is worth a thousand pictures”? That’s right, soon we will be adding video (aka screencast) support to Firefox Support!

  • Adding screencasts will work just like adding images, and go through the same review process as all article edits.
  • Articles will not be limited to one screencast. If an article has different sets of instructions, there will be a separate screencast for each set of instructions.
  • We will support both Flash and the open video format called Ogg/Theora, which the upcoming Firefox 3.5 will support natively (without the need of a plugin). For more information about open video, read In Support of Open Video.

We also have a pool of videos from the Screencast Contest, which we will be adding as well. Stay tuned for more information!