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Announcing the Winners of the New Year’s Challenge!

AMO Editor contest imageThe AMO Editors New Year’s Challenge ran from December 22nd to February 22nd. We have tallied up the results, and here are the winners!

First Place

Our top prize goes to Nils Maier!

Nils is the author of the very popular DownThemAll! extension, as well as other add-ons such as Scriptish and MinimizeToTray revived. He is very valuable community member who has helped us raise the bar in add-on security, and is currently very active helping the MemShrink team with add-on memory leak reports and documentation.


We decided to give away one extra prize because the runner-up race was pretty intense and everyone on this group deserved special recognition.

T-shirt Winners

All editors who completed at least 20 reviews during the contest period gets an awesome Firefox t-shirt. And they are:


Thanks to the excellent efforts of the review team, this contest was another resounding success. The volunteer reviewers completed a total of 3500 reviews during these 2 months, and for the first time ever we completely cleared the review queues. You guys are awesome!

If you’re an add-on developer and want to join our team, please visit our wiki page for more information. There are very exciting changes coming for the review team, and winning the occasional prize is only part of the fun 😉

8 comments on “Announcing the Winners of the New Year’s Challenge!”

  1. Amy Tsay wrote on

    Congrats–you rock!

  2. Mingyi Liu wrote on

    Thanks to the reviewers’ hard work! It’s a tremendous effort to review that much code!

  3. pd wrote on

    I don’t understand the prize structure. Why are you supporting a company that will not even allow Firefox installation on their mobile OS? Mozilla is so very puritanical on a lot of other political issues yet apple is ok?

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on

      Apple hardware is very popular among the tech community. It’s certainly very popular within Mozilla, where the majority of laptops you’ll see are MacBooks (mine is as well).

      We don’t support some of Apple’s policy choices, just as much as we don’t support some of Microsoft’s and some of Google’s. I don’t see why that would block us from being practical and supporting Firefox in their systems as much as possible, or using their systems because we think they’re the best tools to get the job done, or picking products or theirs as prizes that are appealing to contest participants.

      Having said that, I don’t think we would ever consider giving away iPhones or iPads given their very restricted nature. This is not the case for Apple laptops or desktops (yet?).

  4. pd wrote on

    For the price of a macbook air you could offer developers a Samsung Galaxy S II for them to test B2G on, along with the choice of a variety of different Android tablets with which they can test Fennec.

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on

      We gave away smartphones for the runners-up last year, so we decided to go with tablets this time around (since the participants were almost the same people). The first prize was a laptop in both contests.

  5. Pikadude No. 1 wrote on

    Many, many kudos to Nils Maier for all the effort he’s put into making, well, *everything* more awesome.

  6. Jan wrote on

    Also from me again, our congratulations to Nils Maier, have fun with the Macbook Air

    I think the competition has paid off for both sides.
    Keep it up.