February’s Featured Add-ons

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Pick of the Month: Popup Blocker

by Jeremy Schomery
Not only blocks every popup you encounter, but offers an easy way to preview the URL and decide for yourself if you want to open the page.

“I tried all the popup blockers, but this works best for me, and the developer is updating it.”

Featured: Skype™ Web

by Morni Colhkher
Access Skype Web right from your toolbar menu.

“This extension allows me to use Skype while doing miscellaneous internet things, and also notifies me whenever I receive a new message.”

Featured: Desktop Messenger for WhatsApp™

by Elen Norphen
Bring WhatsApp messaging, alerts, and more right into the browser.

“Wow! Awesome add-on! Now I can download pictures from my messages onto my PC.”

Featured: AdBlocker Ultimate

by AdBlocker Ultimate
This add-on pretty much blocks it all—tracking, malware, and of course ads (and no, there’s no whitelisting).

“Everyone should have this.”

Featured: Turn Off the Lights

by Stefan VD
Great for watching video content when you want to really immerse yourself in the media, Turn Off the Lights fades away everything in the video’s periphery.

“So useful. Works as advertised, small memory footprint. Never breaks or interferes with web pages.”

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