Tomorrow’s Air Mozilla: John Lilly & Mitchell Baker

As Melissa mentioned we had some big news yesterday! Please join us tomorrow for a very special edition of Air Mozilla Live. We’ll be discussing John Lilly’s new role as Mozilla CEO and Mitchell Baker’s plans for her Chairman role. As usual, we’ll be taking your questions live via IRC, IM, and email.

So join us, this Wednesday for our live community discussion and “call-in” show.
Who: The Mozilla community, host Asa Dotzler, and guests Mitchell Baker, and John Lilly.
When: Wednesday, January 09, from 10:00:00 – 11:00:00 PST (UTC -8).
Where: View the webcast at and participate on IRC, IM, or email.

  • IRC: join the discussion on at #airmozilla.
  • IM: instant message your questions to the AIM/YIM/GTalk screenname airmozilla.
  • email: send in your questions before and during the show to

Air Mozilla is now streaming 24/7 with a new live show every month (or as close to that as makes sense.) If you’ve got ideas for shows, please email us and let us know. Even better, if you’re a part of the Mozilla community and you’d like to be interviewed or present on our live broadcast, let us know.