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We’ve Got Work to Do

The promise of America is “liberty and justice for all.” We must do more to live up to this promise. The events of last week once again shine a spotlight on how much systemic change is still required. These events  — the deaths at the hands of police and civilians, the accusations that are outright lies — are not new, and are not isolated. African Americans continue to pay an obscene and unacceptable price for our nation’s failure to rectify our history of racial discrimination and violence. As a result, our communities and our nation are harmed and diminished.

Change is required. That change involves all of us. It’s not immediately clear all the actions an organization like Mozilla should take, but it’s clear action is required. As a starting point, we will use our products to highlight black and other under-represented voices in this unfolding dialog. And we’re looking hard at other actions, across the range of our activities and assets.

Closer to home we’ve reiterated our support for our black colleagues. We recognize the disproportionate impact of these events, as well as the disproportionate effect of COVID-19 on communities of color. We recognize that continued diligence could lead others to think it is “business as usual.” We know that it is not.

And this has left many of us once again, questioning how to meaningfully make our world better. As our starting point, Mozilla is committed to continuing to support our black employees, expanding our own diversity, and using our products to build a better world.