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Why I’m joining Mozilla’s Board of Directors

Hugh Molotsi

I was born and raised in Zambia and came to the United States for university. Even though growing up, I had almost no exposure to computers, I chose to study computer engineering. Fortunately for me, this leap of faith proved to be a great decision, as I’ve been very blessed with the career that came after.

When I started my tenure at Intuit, my first job was working as a developer on QuickBooks for DOS. In what would turn out to be a 22-year run, I got a front row seat in watching technology evolve by working on Windows, Mac, and eventually online and mobile offerings. I was fortunate to play a leading role in the development of new Intuit products, which further fueled my passion for innovation.

From this vantage point, there is no doubt that the internet has been the most transformational technology in my years working in the industry. The internet has not only expanded the possibilities of problems to solve and how to solve them, but it has also expanded the reach of who can benefit from the solutions.

From the beginning, Mozilla has had an important vision: for the internet to benefit everyone, it should remain a global resource that is open and accessible. With this vision in mind, Mozilla has played a prominent role in the advancement of open source and community collaboration. The impact of Mozilla has catalyzed the internet as a force for good, as it touches lives in some of the least developed parts of the world.

I believe Mozilla’s mission is today more important than ever. In these polarized times, the internet is blamed for the rise of monoliths and the rapid spread of disinformation. Mozilla is the trusted entity ensuring the internet-as-a-public-resource is effective and enriches the lives of not just the privileged few. The challenges of a polarized world may feel daunting, but with human ingenuity and collaboration, I’m convinced the internet will play a key part in a better future. For someone who grew up in Africa, I’m especially excited about how the internet is enabling “leapfrog” solutions in meeting the needs of emerging economies.

I’m excited to help the Mozilla Corporation drive new innovations that will benefit the global community. This is why I am truly honored to serve on the Mozilla Corporation Board.

(Photographer credit: Danny Ortega)