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Impact Mozilla – Make Your Mark on Mozilla’s Marketing Strategy

The Mozilla marketing team is always looking for new ways to involve other community members (and the outside world more generally) in our marketing efforts and our decision making.  With that in mind, today we launched a marketing challenge – Impact Mozilla – with the following goals considered:

  • Solve a key Mozilla marketing problem
  • Provide an additional open avenue for participation in our marketing efforts
  • Create a forum for shared learnings across similar hybrid organizations

The specific “marketing problem” we’re hoping to address is retention marketing.  For example, over time we know that tens of millions of people have downloaded Firefox, but don’t continue to use it today.  How do we either win some of these users back or how do we reduce this attrition rate with future new users?

We’re open to other ideas as well.  If you feel particularly inspired by another area of Mozilla’s marketing efforts – e.g., acquisition marketing, social media marketing, international marketing – we’re open to suggestions and submissions in those areas as well.

Please visit for full details (did we mention that there is a $3,000 prize?), and we look forward to your participation.