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Help Test the New Firefox Beta: Faster, Simplified and Easier to Customize

Today’s beta release of Firefox introduces an improved sync feature powered by Firefox Accounts, a new customization mode, a new Firefox menu and streamlined user interface.

You can test the new Firefox Sync on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android by creating an account as a safe and easy way for you to take your Firefox with you anywhere. The new Firefox Sync makes it even easier to setup and add multiple devices while delivering end-to-end encryption.


We’ve made it even easier to make Firefox your own with a new customization mode. To enter customization mode click the new “Menu” button and then click “Customize.” From there, you can manually drag and drop your favorite feature, add-on or tool anywhere in the browser based on your preferences. This makes it faster and easier to access the features you use the most.

The customization mode makes it easy for you to personalize every part of your browsing experience. In addition, the new menu panel includes all of your browser controls, favorite features and add-ons in one space. You can find familiar tools like copy/paste, print, full page, save and more. When you download a new Firefox Add-on, you will be able to add its  icon in the same new menu panel, giving add-ons a permanent place in your browser.


We redesigned the overall look and feel of Firefox to help you access your Web content quickly. We’ve changed the tab structure and functionality in Firefox to enable you to focus on your Web content. Tabs have a more fluid and streamlined shape,  sit higher up in the browser and tabs that are not in use have been visually de-emphasized. We’ve also moved the bookmark manager next to the bookmark star in your Firefox toolbar to make it easy to save your favorite sites for one click access.

Firefox is the trusted browser of choice for half a billion people worldwide and we are excited to bring the new Firefox to our audience of beta testers. Please give us your feedback here.

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