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Why I’m joining the Mozilla Board by Nicole Wong

It’s an honor for me to join the Mozilla Board. I’m so inspired by the Foundation’s mission and by the incredibly talented people that lead it. And, I’m looking forward to contributing to Mozilla’s plans to build out a leadership network focused on protecting the open Internet.

Though I’m still too new to the organization to be able to diagnose Mozilla’s biggest challenges, I think this is a really exciting and crucial time for Mozilla to develop products that really put users first. Today’s Internet users have complex needs, so I’ll be excited to see how the Mozilla community works to identify and solve them.

Obviously, this is also a very challenging time to protect the Internet from the national and global trends toward authoritarianism, censorship and surveillance. Mozilla is in a great position to address some of those challenges.

During my career, I’ve had the privilege of working in both the private and public sector, but the consistent theme is focusing on the intersection of emerging technologies, law, and public policy. I have tried to build cultures, policies, and practices that are forward-leaning in the development and defense of a healthy internet. I’m looking forward to doing the same at the Foundation, helping build out the leadership network and focusing on emerging tech policy leaders.

Nicole is an attorney specializing in Internet, media and intellectual property law. She served as President Obama’s deputy chief technology officer (CTO) and has also worked as the vice president and deputy general counsel at Google to arbitrate issues of censorship. She was appointed to the Mozilla Foundation board in April 2017.