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Firefox for iOS Amps Up Private Browsing and More

Today we’re rolling out updated features for iPhone and iPad users, including a new layout for menu and settings, persistent Private Browsing tabs and new organization options within the New Tabs feature. This round of updates is the result of requests we received straight from our users, and we’re taking your feedback to make this version of iOS work harder and smarter for you.

With this in mind, in the latest update of Firefox for iOS we overhauled both the Settings and Menu options to more closely mirror the desktop application. Now you can access bookmarks, history, Reading List and downloads in the “Library” menu item.

Private Browsing – Keep browsing like nobody’s watching

Private browsing tabs can now live across sessions, meaning, if you open a private browsing tab and then exit the app, Firefox will automatically launch in private browsing the next time you open the app. Keeping your private browsing preferences seamless is just another way we’re making it simple and easy to give you back control of the privacy of your online experience.

Private browsing tabs can now live across sessions

Organize your New Tabs (like a pro)

Today’s release also includes a few different options for New Tabs organization. You can now choose to have new tabs open with your bookmark list, in Firefox Home (with top sites and Pocket stories), with a list of recent history, a custom URL or in a blank page.


More options for New Tabs organization

We’re also making it easier to customize Firefox Home with top sites and Pocket content. All tabs can now be rearranged by dragging a tab into the tab bar or tab tray.

Customize Firefox Home with top sites and Pocket content

Whether it’s your personal data or how you organize your online experience, Firefox continues to bring more privacy and control to you.

To get the latest version of Firefox for iOS, visit the App Store.