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Latest Firefox Release Available today for iOS and Desktop

Since our last Firefox release, we’ve been working on features to make the Firefox Quantum browser work better for you. We added by default Enhanced Tracking Protection which blocks known “third-party tracking cookies” from following your every move. With this latest Firefox release we’ve added new features so you can browse the web the way you want — unfettered and free. We’ve also made improvements for IT managers who want more flexibility when using Firefox in the workplace.

Key highlights for today’s update includes:

  • Blackout shades come to Firefox Reader View: One of the most popular ways that people use our Reader View is by changing the contrast from light to dark. Initially, this only covered the text area. Now, when a user moves the contrast to dark all the sections of the site — including the sidebars and toolbars will be completely in dark mode.

All sections of the site will be completely in dark mode

  • Firefox Recommended Extensions and more:  We curated a list of recommended extensions that have been thoroughly reviewed for security, usability and usefulness. You can find the list on the “Get Add-ons” page in the Firefox Add-ons Manager (about:addons). Plus we are making it even easier to report any bad extensions you come across. You can do this directly through your Firefox Add-ons Manager to ensure others’ safety. This new feature is part of the larger effort to make the add-ons ecosystem safer.
  • Popular User Requested Features added to Firefox for iOS: Users are at the center of everything we do, and most of the features we’ve added to Firefox for iOS in the past have been requests straight from our community. Today, we’re adding two new features which have been asked for the most. They include:
          • Bookmark editing – We added a new ‘Recently Bookmarked’ section to bookmarks and also added support for editing all bookmarks. Now users can reorder, rename, or update the URL for bookmarks.
          • Set sites to always open with Desktop Version – We know that some sites aren’t optimized for mobile, and for users the desktop version of a site is the better and preferred experience. Today, users can set sites to always open in desktop mode, and we’re also introducing a badge to help you identify when a site is being displayed in desktop mode.

Reorder, rename, or update the URL for bookmarks

More customization for IT Pros

Since the launch of Firefox Quantum for Enterprise last year, we’ve received feedback from IT (information technology) professionals who wanted to make Firefox Quantum more flexible and easier to use so they can meet their workplace needs. Today we’re adding a number of new enterprise policies for IT leads who want to customize Firefox for their employees.

The new policies for today’s Firefox Quantum for Enterprise will help IT managers configure their company’s infrastructure in the best way to meet their own personalized needs. This includes adding a support menu so enterprise users can easily contact their internal support teams and configuring or removing the new tab page so companies can bring their intranet or other sites front and center for employees. For shared machines and protecting employees’ privacy, IT managers can turn off search suggestions. You can look here to see a complete list of policies supported by Firefox.

We are always looking for ways to improve Firefox Quantum for Enterprise, our Extended Support Release. For organizations that need access to specific preferences, we’ve already started a list in our GitHub repository, and we will continue to add based on the requests we receive. Feel free to submit at the GitHub link on specific preferences you need.

To read the complete list of new items or see what we’ve changed in today’s release, you can check out our release notes.

We hope you try out and download the latest version of Firefox Quantum for desktop, iOS and Enterprise.