Mozilla Supports the Open COVID Pledge: Making Intellectual Property Freely Available for the Fight Against COVID-19

COVID-19 has afflicted more than one million people worldwide, and the number continues to climb every day. However long the pandemic lasts, we know that scientists and others’ ability to share work toward solutions is critical to ending it.

The Open COVID Pledge, a project of an international coalition of scientists, technologists, and legal experts, has been created to address this issue. The project calls on companies, universities and other organizations to make their intellectual property (IP) temporarily available free of charge for use in ending the pandemic and minimizing its impact.

Mozilla is grateful to the organizers of and contributors to the Open COVID Pledge, and is proud to support this critical effort. We are an organization dedicated to keeping the internet open and accessible to all. We support the open exchange of ideas, technologies, and resources in our day-to-day work and recognize the power of removing barriers in this time of crisis to preserve the social fabric and save lives.

We invite others to join us in supporting this important initiative to help combat the spread of COVID-19.