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Navrina Singh Joins the Mozilla Foundation Board of Directors

Today, I’m excited to welcome Navrina Singh as a new member of the Mozilla Foundation Board of Directors. You can see comments from Navrina here.

Navrina is the Co-Founder of Credo AI, an AI Fund company focused on auditing and governing Machine Learning. She is the former Director of Product Development for Artificial Intelligence at Microsoft. Throughout her career she has focused on many aspects of business including start up ecosystems, diversity and inclusion, development of frontier technologies and products. This breadth of experience is part of the reason she’ll make a great addition to our board.

In early 2020, we began focusing in earnest on expanding Mozilla Foundation’s board. Our recruiting efforts have been geared towards building a diverse group of people who embody the values and mission that bring Mozilla to life and who have the programmatic expertise to help Mozilla, particularly in artificial intelligence.

Since January, we’ve received over 100 recommendations and self-nominations for possible board members. We ran all of the names we received through a desk review process to come up with a shortlist. After extensive conversations, it is clear that Navrina brings the experience, expertise and approach that we seek for the Mozilla Foundation Board.

Prior to working on AI at Microsoft, Navrina spent 12 years at Qualcomm where she held roles across engineering, strategy and product management. In her last role as the head of Qualcomm’s technology incubator ‘ImpaQt’ she worked with early start-ups in machine intelligence. Navrina is a Young Global Leader with the World Economic Forum; and has previously served on the industry advisory board of the University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Engineering; and the boards of Stella Labs, Alliance for Empowerment and the Technology Council for FIRST Robotics.

Navrina has been named as Business Insiders Top Americans changing the world and her work in Responsible AI has been featured in FORTUNE, Geekwire and other publications. For the past decade she has been thinking critically about the way AI and other emerging technologies impact society. This included a non-profit initiative called Marketplace for Ethical and Responsible AI Tools (MERAT) focused on building, testing and deploying AI responsibly. It was through this last bit of work that Navrina was introduced to our work at Mozilla. This experience will help inform Mozilla’s own work in trustworthy AI.

We also emphasized throughout this search a desire for more global representation. And while Navrina is currently based in the US, she has a depth of experience partnering with and building relationships across important markets – including China, India and Japan. I have no doubt that this experience will be an asset to the board. Navrina believes that technology can open doors, offering huge value to education, economies and communities in both the developed and developing worlds.

Please join me in welcoming Navrina Singh to the Mozilla Foundation Board of Directors.

PS. You can read Navrina’s message about why she’s joining Mozilla here.


Twitter: @navrina_singh