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10 days of Mozillians: meet Flore!

Firefox is turning 10! In order to celebrate, meet 10 Mozillians from all over the world.
They share with us how they feel about Mozilla and the Web : their memories, their daily life as a Mozillian, their expectations for the next 10 years and more.

Flore Allemandou

“I was amazed by this bunch of people, brought together by passion, trying to fight giants and managing to do it”


Hi Flore! First of all, would you mind shortly introduce yourself and give us three keywords that would define you the best?

My name is Flore, I’m 37, from Lyon in France, and I’m a scientist. Three words that define me would be curious, woman, happy.

And how did you discover the Web?

I discovered the Web in 1996 in a public library in my home city while trying to do some research for a college work.

Internet creates bonds between humans and helps overcome barriers. It must remain that way, keep it open and free.

Tell us a bit more about you and Mozilla; if you had one word or sentence to describe Mozilla, what would it be?

It brings people together, and it is enriched by their diversity.

How and why did you start contributing to Mozilla?

I started contributing to Mozilla in 2004, when Mozilla Europe was founded. I never ceased since then. I was amazed by this bunch of people, brought together by passion, trying to fight giants and managing to do it. I wanted to be part of it.

And what’s the contribution you’re the most proud of?

I had a surge of pride when I did a presentation on Womoz in the Mozilla Devroom at the FOSDEM 2013. It was a sort of achievement. Being from a non-technical background, I never thought I could do that, but I did.

Please tell us more about your community. Is there anything you find particularly interesting or special about it?

My community is usually referred to as the “French community”. But really, it’s the French-speaking community. You speak French, you’re welcome. You don’t live in France? No problem…

What’s your best memory with your fellow community members?

Best memories are usually in the evening after an event, pizzas are on the table and people start sharing a laugh, telling stories, passing on traditions… We ensure everyone feels welcomed and a part of the community.

Now let’s talk about the future, what exciting things do you envision for Mozilla in the future?

I wish that Mozilla will continue to surprise everyone in the future. Who would have thought ten (or even five) years ago that we would be launching an OS for mobile phones?

There is so much work ahead of us. As long as the way remains open. I just hope to be part of it for many years to come.

Thank you Flore!