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Welcome metrics!

We are happy to announce that we have just shipped the first iteration of the metrics dashboard at Reps Portal.

The dashboard goal is to present the most important information about the Reps program in a summarized way. We hope that this will help understand better the program activity, specially for Council and mentors to be more effective in their plans. This is the first iteration and doesn’t provide all the insights, but we wanted to show you already what we know about number of Reps, events and activities over the last weeks.


Metrics dashboard


This dashboard is a work in progress that would evolve to show more relevant information and that will help us to understand better the program and identify trends, opportunities and challenges.

We would love to get your feedback! Why don’t you try the dashboard and let us know on this discourse topic if you found what you were looking for, if it told you something new and more importantly: what is it still missing?

Curious about the technical implementation? Check Pierros’ blog post about it.

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