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New Council Members – 2021 H1 Election

We are happy to welcome two new fully onboarded members to the Reps Council!


Hossain Al Ikram and Luis Sanchez join the other continuing members in leading the Reps Program. Tim Maks van den Broek was also re-elected and continues to contribute to the council.


Both Ikram and Luis are starting their activity as council members by contributing to the Mentorship project. They are focusing on supporting communication within the Mentors and the Council (such as preparing Mentors Calla) and on renewing and carrying out the onboarding for new Mentors.


As the new members become active in the Council, we want to thank outgoing members for their contributions. Thank you very much Shina and Faisal!


The Mozilla Reps Council is the governing body of the Mozilla Reps Program. It provides the general vision of the program and oversees day-to-day operations globally. Currently, 7 volunteers and 2 paid staff sit on the council. Find out more in the Reps wiki, and look up current members in the Community Portal.

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