Mar 12

data gathering the old fashioned way

…by asking people.

We’re trying to track down a bug that has massively decreased our Telemetry gathering rates.  Our first suspects were bug 707320 (persistent telemetry) and bug 717061 (telemetry request compression), but neither of those are present in nightly builds when we start seeing the drop.  (And by all accounts, they test fine from the metrics side of things, too.)  One possible candidate is bug 720493, but we’d need some data to confirm that.

Hence this post.  If  you are running a nightly build, please leave a comment with:

  1. The value of idle.lastDailyNotification from about:config.
  2. The version of your nightly build (menubar -> Help -> About Nightly).
  3. How long your current browser session has been up for (approximately).

Please note that you do not need to be sending in telemetry data for the above data to be useful.  Thanks!