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Monthly Archives: April 2013

cold page load, OS X 10.7, and talos


I’ve been looking at some Talos pageload benchmark data lately. The intention is gleaning enough information to decide whether having a separate cold page load benchmark is worthwhile. Our Talos pageload benchmark loads a number of sites a specified number of times (currently 25), records times for all of those, discards the highest time per […]

introducing mozilla/Endian.h


In the continuing effort to eliminate usage of prtypes.h from the tree, a significant obstacle is the usage of IS_LITTLE_ENDIAN and IS_BIG_ENDIAN in various places.  These macros are defined if the target platform is little-endian or big-endian, respectively.  (All of our tier-1 platforms are little-endian platforms.  Pay no attention to the big-endian ARM variants; there […]

mozIStorageService, the main thread, and you


Bug 836493 landed on inbound today.  An additional constraint is now enforced on mozIStorageService: the initial reference to it must be obtained on the main thread.  However, all references after the first can be obtained on any thread. Seems awfully complicated; what do we gain from that change?  Two things.  The first is that there […]