May 12

slow sql in xpcshell testing

One of the best things about performance monitoring is that it sometimes shows up problems in very unexpected areas.  Yesterday while working on some improvements to telemetry, I noticed that the telemetry packets being sent had information for slowSQLStartup.  That is, there were some SQL queries (4 of them, to be exact; 3 unique queries) that were taking more than 150 ms to run just during xpcshell testing.

These queries were run by the addons manager and already have a bug on file.

I’m guessing that this slow SQL does not occur during all xpcshell tests, but only those that create a profile (about 5% of tests). which would translate into ~1% of xpcshell testing time.  Still, speedups are speedups, and fixing these queries would be a good speedup for Firefox users generally.

May 12

statement wrappers have been deprecated

It’s a lot of fun removing old code; it’s less fun when removing that old code breaks lots of things.  That’s what happened when bug 589032 was checked in to mozilla-central last week. We had deprecated mozIStorageStatementWrapper over a year ago; bug 589032 removed mozIStorageStatementWrapper in favor of using mozIStorageStatement directly.

As there have been a couple reports of breakage (which likely means there’s a lot more breakage pending), and I have claimed in the bug that fixing said breakage is a straightforward process, here’s the quick-n-dirty guide to doing so. (Warning: may contain bugs or be incomplete. Please note any oversights in the comments.)

Code that created wrappers:

var wrapper = new Components.Constructor("@mozilla.org/storage/statement-wrapper;1",
function createStatement(db, aSQL) {
  return new wrapper(db.createStatement(aSQL));

or perhaps:

var wrapper = Cc["@mozilla.org/storage/statement-wrapper;1"]

should be replaced with:

function createStatement(db, aSQL) {
  return db.createStatement(aSQL);

Of course, that’s almost not worth having a separate function for. 🙂

Nearly all of the methods that you were calling on the wrapper remain unchanged, with the exception of:

foo = wrapped_stmt.execute();

That should be replaced with:

foo = stmt.executeStep();

Statements have an execute() method, but it does something slightly different than the wrapper’s execute() method.

Finally, where you finalize your statements (you are finalizing your statements, right?):


is now simply:


As I said earlier, please note any omissions or errors in the comments!