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Monthly Archives: November 2013

my git workflow


Mark Hammond recently started an etherpad about how people work with git. Rather than commenting there, I thought I’d blog about my workflow instead. First piece: magit.  If you use emacs and git, and you don’t use magit, you are missing out.  Highly recommended.  I don’t use the git command line for common operations anymore; […]

ipdl syntax changes for types coming from C++


Over the weekend, I landed bug 918651, which changes the syntax for how you inform the IPDL compiler about types defined in C++.  Previously, you did: include “mozilla/HeaderFile.h”; … using typeFromHeaderFile; … The using declaration informs the IPDL compiler that typeFromHeaderFile may appear in places types can normally appear.  The include directive is so the […]

the performance implications of strncpy


Last week, I was working on making Firefox compile for a OS X target on a Linux host.  As part of this effort, I ported Apple’s opensourced ld64 linker to compile and run on a Linux host.  Since OS X is a BSD-derived operating system, ld64 made use of the strlcpy and strlcat functions, designed […]