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Monthly Archives: September 2011

pgo startup times with syzygy


In an effort to confirm that we do want all this syzygy goodness in our release builds, I’ve been testing out syzygy on PGO builds (since we do PGO builds on Windows for releases). After removing the PEBKAC and getting a proper PGO build–which took depressingly long–I have mixed results. First, the good news. On […]

startup reduction times with syzygy, part 2


In my previous post, I presented some startup timings with syzygy-optimized Firefox binaries.  People asked whether those timings were on my work laptop (quad-core i7, Windows 7, SSD) and I confirmed they were.  Since those timings were encouraging, but not overwhelming, folks suggested that I might try timing things on a more conventional system. Below […]

startup reduction times with syzygy


People that I’ve told about the work with syzygy that I’ve been doing have, almost universally, two reactions: That’s cool!  (Thanks; I did very little work for it!) How does that translate into startup time? Assuming that a 40% reduction in page faults leads to a 40% reduction in startup time is not reasonable, but […]

notes from the all-hands profiling bof


After talking to a couple people at all-hands, it became clear that writing your own profiler was a popular activity.  (Jeff Muizelaar informed me that last year, the pet project was heap analyzers.  What’s next for 2012?)  A short, non-exhaustive list: Patrick Walton’s Piranha profiler for Android Benoit Girard’s Simple Profiling System Luke Wagner’s measure […]

fewer page faults with syzygy


In my last post, I explained what Syzygy was and discussed some preliminary results from using it with Firefox.  I finally have results of running the whole Syzygy toolchain (instrumentation/profiling/reordering) and some numbers to share. First off, I mentioned that I could get the call tracing to work right.  That was because I hadn’t installed […]