startup reduction times with syzygy, part 2

In my previous post, I presented some startup timings with syzygy-optimized Firefox binaries.  People asked whether those timings were on my work laptop (quad-core i7, Windows 7, SSD) and I confirmed they were.  Since those timings were encouraging, but not overwhelming, folks suggested that I might try timing things on a more conventional system.

Below are results from testing on my desktop (quad-core Core 2 Duo @ 2.6GHz, Windows XP, 7200ish-rpm hard drive):

Version main sessionRestored firstPaint
Trunk build 1484 11515 11125
Optimized build 2562 8812 8703

That’s quite a difference: about a 25% win just from reordering functions.  Much more exciting!


  1. Robert O'Callahan

    Ship it!

  2. Makes me wonder if it would be helpful to have perf testing boxes available with slow/degraded filesystems (like running over USB on a slow thumb drive), or running a background IO load to make paging more expensive (which is still realistic, eg launching Firefox while Photoshop is hammering away in the background).

  3. This seems a really great performance win.
    Will this be shipped with Firefox 7?