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Monthly Archives: January 2014

space saving miscellany


Yesterday’s post on space saving techniques generated a few comments.  It seemed worthwhile to highlight a few of the comments for a wider audience. Various people have pointed out that clang and GCC support a -Wpadded option to warn when padding is necessary inside of a structure.  Visual C++ supports warning C4280 that does the […]

finding space savings


My last post talked about trimming down JSJitInfo.  But it left the question of how one might find things like this unanswered (and even unasked!).  Herein follows a short list of my strategies, with a large amount of explanation, for finding things that take up too much space. The first thing to look at is […]

packing structures for fun and profit


When the DOM bindings code first started generating information for the JavaScript JIT about getters and setters, the generated information was rather sparse. JSJitInfo, the container for such information, looked like this: struct JSJitInfo { JSJitPropertyOp op; uint32_t protoID; uint32_t depth; bool isInfallible; bool isConstant; }; On a 32-bit platform, sizeof(JSJitInfo) was 16. You could […]

on old releases


Gregory Szorc recently wrote a laundry list of reasons for ditching support for old Python releases.  I think this list of reasons to upgrade misses the larger point in providing software for other people: You do not get to tell your users what to do. Maybe those users don’t have sufficient control over their working […]