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Monthly Archives: June 2012

performant concurrency


The most important conclusion from this foray into history is that concurrency has always been employed for one purpose: to improve the performance of the system. This seems almost too obvious to make explicit—why else would we want concurrency if not to improve performance?—yet for all its obviousness, concurrency’s raison d’être is increasingly forgotten, as […]

lessons learned while filing bugs


When I tell people that I and my entire team at Mozilla work remote, they often ask, “How do you keep track of everything people are doing?”  I tell them about Bugzilla and anything that needs fixed goes into it as a bug; bugs aren’t just for software problems, but hardware requests, account requests, office […]

about:memory statistics improvements


The three major memory costs to rendering webpages in Gecko are layout, the DOM, and JavaScript.  Only the last of these has a detailed about:memory breakdown.  Layout has a few subcategories, but likely as not, layout/arenas is one big opaque number, and DOM just sits as a big blob-o-stuff. Over the past two weeks, I’ve […]