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News from Firefox Focus and Firefox on Mobile

One of our promises this year was to deliver ways that can help you navigate the web easily and get you quickly where you need to go. We took a giant step in that direction earlier this year when we shared a new Firefox experience. We were on a mission to save you time and streamline your everyday use of the browser. This month, we continue to deliver on that mission with new features in our Firefox on mobile products. For our Firefox Focus mobile users, we have a fresh redesign plus new features including shortcuts to get you faster to the things you want to get to. This Cybersecurity Awareness month, you can manage your passwords and take them wherever you go whenever you use your Firefox on Android mobile app.

Fresh, new Firefox Focus

Since its launch, Firefox Focus has been a favorite app with its minimal design, streamlined features and for those times when you want to do a super quick search without the distractions. So, when it came to refreshing Firefox Focus we wanted to offer a simple, privacy by default companion app, allowing users to quickly complete searches without distraction and worry of being tracked or bombarded with advertisements. We added a fresh new look with new colors, a new logo and a dark theme. We added a shortcut feature so that users can get to the sites they visit the most. And with privacy in mind you will see the privacy Tracking Protection Shield icon which is accessible from the search bar so you can quickly turn the individual trackers on or off when you click the shield icon. Plus, we added a global counter that shows you all the trackers blocked for you. Check out the new Firefox Focus and try it for life’s “get in and get out” moments.

New shortcut feature to get you to the sites you visit most

Got a ton of passwords? Keep them safe on Firefox on Android

What do Superman, Black Widow and Wolverine have in common? They make horrible passwords. At least that’s what we discovered when we took a look to see how fortified superhero passwords are in the fight against hackers and breaches. You can see how your favorite superheroes fared in “Superhero passwords may be your kryptonite wherever you go online.”

This Cybersecurity Awareness month, we added new features on Firefox on Android, to keep your passwords safe. We’ve increasingly become dependent on the web, whether it’s signing up for streaming services or finding new ways to connect with families and friends, we’ve all had to open an account and assign a completely new password. Whether it’s 10 or 100 passwords, you can take your passwords wherever you go on Firefox on Android. These new features will be available on iOS later this year. The new features include:

Creating and adding new passwords is easy – Now, when you create an account for any app on your mobile device, you can also create and add a new password, which you can save directly in the Firefox browser and you can use it on both mobile and desktop.

Create and add new passwords


  • Take your passwords with you on the go – Now you can easily autofill your password on your phone and use any password you’ve saved in the browser to log into any online account like your Twitter or Instagram app. No need to open a web page. Plus, if you have a Firefox account then you can sync all your passwords across desktop and mobile devices. It’s that seamless and simple.
Sync all your passwords across desktop and mobile devices


  • Unlock your passwords with your fingerprint or face – Now only you can safely open your accounts when you use your operating system’s biometric security, such as your face or your fingerprint touch to unlock the access page to your logins and passwords.

Firefox coming soon to a Windows store near you

Microsoft has loosened restrictions on its Windows Store that effectively banned third-party browsers from the store. We have been advocating for years for more user choice and control on the Windows operating system. We welcome the news that their store is now more open to companies and applications, including independent browsers like Firefox. We believe that a healthier internet is one where people have an opportunity to choose from a diverse range of browsers and browser engines. Firefox will be available in the Windows store later this year.

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