Pick a day for the SUMO Day

The Firefox Support project (a.k.a. SUMO) community has grown lately, with new knowledge base content writers and localizers, forum moderators, and live chat helpers. This is really exciting news, as the project depends heavily on the community to succeed. Thank you to everyone who has helped us help Firefox users so far!

With the release of Firefox 3 coming up soon, we will need even more people to handle the increased load. One thing we’ve talked about for some time is to host a full day event, where new people get together with existing contributors to exchange knowledge, get to know each other more, and have a good time. Let’s call this event the SUMO Day!

The step in the planning process where we are right now is figuring out the best day for the SUMO Day event. If you’ve been contributing to SUMO in the past, or if you’re just interested in learning more about the project, please help us deciding when the SUMO Day should occur. The dates to choose from are:

  • Thursday, April 3th
  • Friday, April 4th
  • Thursday, April 10th
  • Friday, April 11th
  • Thursday, April 17th
  • Friday, April 18th

Fridays would be preferable, because they give us the ability to catch up with the increased load during the weekend. Please comment on this blog post to let us know the day that would be best for you. Thank you!

5 comments on “Pick a day for the SUMO Day”

  1. Tony (aka Quarantine) wrote on

    I will be available on 4 of those dates, the 3rd, 10th, 11th and 18th.

  2. David Naylor wrote on

    10th and 11th are best for me.

  3. Ken Saunders wrote on

    Any of the Fridays would be nice.

    I’d like to add that you all have done a fantastic job with SUMO, thanks.

  4. myles7897 wrote on

    I am good for any of these days:
    # Thursday, April 10th
    # Friday, April 11th
    # Thursday, April 17th
    # Friday, April 18th

  5. Cww wrote on

    11 or 18.