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Firefox Screencast Contest ending next Sunday

At the end of Sunday, June 15, we will close the Firefox Screencast Contest, so there are only a few days left for you to submit your screencast.

Want to win? Starting today, we will feature a number of daily Knowledge Base articles from the Screencast Contest that we want you to focus on. These articles either have no submissions or need more to get the best screencast possible. If you pick one of these articles, you definitely increase your chances of winning some prizes as the competition is currently low.

Today’s articles are:

I picked one of the articles above, Installing Firefox on Windows, and created a quick screencast for it using Jing. (If you’re new to Jing and screencasts, watch this easy tutorial from Jing’s website)

This is what the result looks like, after a couple of minutes recording the screencast: Watch how to install Firefox on Window

Think you can do better than that? We think so too! For one, it would be better if it included the part of the instructions covering downloading the installation file and save it to your desktop. Are you up for the challenge? The head over to the Firefox Screencast Contest and submit your screencast!