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Getting notified of new article translations

One of the problems we had with the Firefox Support Knowledge Base in the past was that locale leaders and approvers had no way of knowing when a new translation was created. As a result, new translations stayed in the unpublished staging area with no-one knowing that a review was needed.

In a recent update, a new feature was added enabling you to receive notification whenever a new translation is created in your language. You can even monitor more than one language if you want. Here is a page with instructions on how to enable it. Happy translating!

4 comments on “Getting notified of new article translations”

  1. Delphine wrote on

    Great! Wonderful improvements on SUMO! It’s much clearer now, making translation easier and more enjoyable. If I can suggest just one thing: maybe for new contributors it would be even better if the “home”, “tools” and “notifications” icons had text under them, in order to guide them more quickly and efficiently. I know this might sound a bit picky, but I can’t help thinking some people might not notice these icons. Thanks for all the work you have done to improve SUMO! :)

  2. Chris Ilias wrote on

    Delphine, I’ve filed

  3. Delphine wrote on

    Ok great, thanks a lot!

  4. Delphine wrote on

    Ok great! Thanks a lot!