Top 15 Support articles for localizers to translate

Before Firefox 3 was released, we gave localizers a list of Support articles that needed to be translated because they were linked to from within Firefox. But what about after that? If someone wants to get started translating other articles in the Knowledge Base, what are the top articles not linked from within Firefox?

After looking at traffic data (since the release of Firefox 3 and all-time), and weighting articles that we feature on the front page, I’ve compiled this list of top 15 articles that should be translated:

  1. Installing Firefox
  2. Installing Firefox on Windows
  3. Installing Firefox on Linux
  4. Installing Firefox on Mac
  5. Customizing Firefox with add-ons
  6. Profiles
  7. Hiding bookmarks in the Smart Location Bar
  8. Backing up your information
  9. Firefox is already running but is not responding
  10. Clearing Location bar history
  11. Firefox will not start
  12. Bookmarks and toolbar buttons not working after upgrading
  13. ActiveX
  14. Search suggestions
  15. How to set the home page

Some localizations of the start page get as much a 50,000 views a month; and localization of the Knowledge Base can be scattered. Those are the most wanted articles for localization, and translating them will have the greatest impact on users finding content in their own language. For instructions on how to translate articles, read our tutorial on translating articles.

If you have any questions, comment here or in the Contributors forum.