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Status of the upcoming SUMO project logo

A few weeks ago, creative extraordinaire Tara and I took on the fun task to create a logo to visually represent the SUMO community support project. In order to get a logo that truly captures the core values of SUMO, Tara initiated the process of collecting feedback from the community, asking for inspirational words, ideas, and even design concepts that could be incorporated into the final logo. I did the same in the newsgroup and in the contributor forum, and together we collected a massive amount of thoughts and ideas that really helped us write the creative brief that will be used by the design firm responsible for creating our logo (the same awesome people that created the logo for QMO).

Some examples of words that describe SUMO: community, global, teamwork, problem-solving, communication, open, information exchange, open-source, collaboration, help, personal, quality, support.

To those who provided feedback and thoughts about SUMO and the words that describe the community project: thank you! Stay tuned for some design concepts for the logo soon…

2 comments on “Status of the upcoming SUMO project logo”

  1. Tara wrote on

    Great post, and pleasure working with you on this! The fun isn’t over yet… and I’ll be posting the first round of design concepts very soon. Don’t think the suggestion of you as “Thor” made the cut though. But we always have this

  2. Kaiser wrote on

    Hi. Some thing i (as a designer) really don´t like: the different look&feel in the mozilla product-family. i like the thunderbird, firefox and sunbird and lightning logos most. they are round (easy to place), feel and look good and make a pretty professional feeling. AND every “main”-product has got an animal as logo and name. in my opinion a good choice. every brand and/or company has a system behind naming their products/works. e.g. volkswagen has names of winds for their cars. and this is something i really miss in the mozilla-projects. a “red line” through all of your products-names and -logos. i would suggest to first re-think the name “sumo” and instead thinking about an animal (e.g. the QA-Departments Duck-Suggestion for QACs)… i shouldn´t really be an owl. maybe there are other animals who own the adjective “wise”.

    summary of my suggestions:
    – choose a new name (animal reknown for his/her wisdom)
    – repeat the outer shape of logos of your most popular products within the mozilla-product-family
    – one animal surrounding (on max. 3 sides) a product that stands/needed for searching/knowledge

    wish you best.