Continuing to listen to Localizer feedback

We have been meeting individually with active Support localizers to get their feedback and look at ways we can improve SUMO for them. In the latest update to SUMO, we were able to implement many website software changes that addressed localization feedback. Some examples:

There is still more we can do, which we plan on addressing soon, such as:

  • Listing the differences between Contributors, Approvers/Reviewers, and Locale Leaders, and publishing what permissions each group has, as well as listing who is in each group. This helps contributors identify who the leaders of each community are, and who to contact if they have questions or requests from the leaders of their locale.
  • Making it clear what is different in SUMO as opposed to other wikis. Some communities have their own sites, and many contributors are already familiar with other systems. This creates an expectation of how SUMO works, and confusion when SUMO does not work they way they expect. Examples of common causes of confusion from community members include tikiwiki markup, the staging and review system, how article translations work, and how to create/remove the “Content may be out of date” warning.

We’ve been keeping a summary of all l10n feedback on, so you can take a look if you’re interested. If you are a SUMO localizer, and would like to meet with us, just contact us on this blog or post in the Contributors forum. We’re always willing to meet with you!

4 comments on “Continuing to listen to Localizer feedback”

  1. Gabriela wrote on

    I’d love to help with the Spanish localization (es-AR), but I don’t what still needs to be translated nor how to access.
    Could you help me please?
    Many thanks for your answer!
    Best regards,

  2. Chris Ilias wrote on

    Hi Gabriela;
    The best way to get started with Spanish localization is to get in touch with other Spanish localizers at . Thanks for helping out!

  3. Maik wrote on

    Is there also any location for german translation?

  4. Chris Ilias wrote on

    Hi Maik,
    German translations can be found at . If you want to help translating articles to German, create an account at, then go to any article like and click on “Diese Seite übersetzen”. You may find that many articles are already translated into German. We have a tutorial on translating articles at .

    If you have any questions, you can ask in the Contributors forum at . Thanks for helping out!