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Subscribe to the SUMO newsletter

about:SUMO the SUMO newsletter is coming! You can subscribe now. If you are not actively involved in SUMO, but are still interested in knowing what is going on in the SUMO world, this is a great way to keep in the know. Just use the online subscription form.

4 comments on “Subscribe to the SUMO newsletter”

  1. Majken “Lucy” Connor wrote on

    Is the newsletter also going to be posted on the web somewhere, eg on this blog, or is email the only option?

  2. Chris Ilias wrote on

    In the about:sumo category of this blog.

  3. deb wrote on

    Hi Chris – minor typo in the subscription form — two of the “involved”s in the drop form are missing “v”s :) Really looking forward to your first issue!

  4. Chris Ilias wrote on

    Updated. Thanks!