Minutes of weekly SUMO meeting 2009-05-18


  • Weekly metrics
  • Last week’s weekly support issues
    • Data is still being collected, but sqlite corruption issue (and tag in Live Chat) looks like the most common specific issue
      • 3.0.11 will have a new version of sqlite and will hopefully improve the situation significantly
      • See bugs [1] and [2]

Knowledge Base

  • Chris is Canadan; we don’t get an update. :(


  • Same problem as last week: lack of Quarantine made our answer rate drop significantly

Live Chat

  • The community survey about participation launched on Thursday, I will be blogging about some early results this week (Wednesday?)
  • Metrics update: There were 2 new contributors last week, with 20 total people helping.
    • The number of hours open has been calculated wrong in some prior weeks, so the data on chats per hour is wrong. These numbers will be corrected this week, most weeks showed about 3 extra hours of being open.
  • Work on the live chat web client has started. (There should be a demo ready to try within a few weeks)
    • zzxc to post about the progress in Contributor forum shortly
  • List of top chat tags from last week (219 total)
    • User experience and data corruption issues most common
    • Working on better tag reporting (see draft UI)
  • The data showing how many hours the live chat queue was open each week was calculated wrong in prior weeks. Most weeks showed live chat being open around three hours more than it was actually open. This data will be corrected this week.


  • Support Firefox Day will be using open video, shooting for June 11th (Week after RC release… will push if RC pushes)
    • Cww has been discussing with Asa and it looks like we can pull it off from the Mozilla HQ in Mountain View
    • Downside is that due to bandwidth and performance issues, it will be problematic to broadcast from other places than the Mozilla HQ
    • This is a good opportunity to encourage people in the SUMO community to upgrade to 3.5 and help providing support to our users
    • Air Mozilla is using Mibbit – we’ll use it as well

2 responses

  1. Chris Ilias wrote on :

    Quick comment about the trended search terms:
    When testing new search, I often used the term “moving profile”, so that is why “moving profile” is high on that list.

  2. David Tenser wrote on :

    That could be part of the reason, but Omniture says that there were 149 searches on “moving profile” last week. Did you really use that search term that often?