Rolling out with a new search engine (SUMO 1.0.2)

Last Friday, SUMO came out with a brand new search engine. Previously, we’d been using Google to do searches of the knowledge base but this new search engine (based on Sphinx) allows us to get a better control over how the results are returned and ranked.

One other thing that this allows us to do is to return solved threads from the forum and article results from the knowledge base at the same time. While the knowledge base is still the primary resource, the forum also has a wealth of solutions and tips that can help Firefox users and this new search engine allows us to provide all this information from a single results page. We can also refine search results based on what terms are commonly searched and take advantage of tiki-wiki tags to make it even more useful.

This new search is still in its early stages so be sure to check it out and let us know what you think! A lot of thanks to everyone involved in coding, testing and deploying the new engine as well as fixing all the other bugs that went into SUMO 1.0.2.