Firefox support wants your feedback… it’s survey time!

As we constantly try to improve the support experience for both Firefox users and the wonderful contributors who help them, it’s good to take time to see how we’re doing. As such, we just launched a series of surveys asking our contributors about how they use the forums and live chat, what we’re doing well and where we can make improvements. You should have gotten an e-mail from us with your survey link. Please take the time to fill it out — it’ll take only a couple minutes and will really help us in making support fun and rewarding for everyone.

If you’re interested in support or SUMO and didn’t receive an e-mail, just let us know your e-mail address and we’ll be sure to have a survey sent out ASAP.

3 comments on “Firefox support wants your feedback… it’s survey time!”

  1. cl58 wrote on

    I am a Live chat contributor and am on the mailing list, but I didn’t seem to get a survey link. If you could send one to me, that would be great. My e-mail address is below.

    Live Chat Contributor

  2. Gabriela wrote on

    I’m VERY intererted, but I’ve already posted a message here and it had to be checked by the moderator. After a few days it had disappeared! There was nothing wrong with it, I just wanted to help!
    I hope this time you take me in account and I hope to receive your survey soon!

  3. Sheila Lunich wrote on

    Hi Cheng,

    Once again, thanks so very much for all your help. I’ve been so busy did not get a chance to reply regarding the survey. Your pleasant attitude and experience made my day. Appreciate the time you took in resolving my issues.

    Goodbye from FLY,
    Francke the Lyrical Yankee