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Firefox 3.5 Support knowledge base status update – Screenshots

Firefox 3.5 Release Candidate 2 has been released, which means that you can now start updating screenshots in the knowledge base for Firefox 3.5! As a quick reminder, here are the guidelines on updating screenshots for 3.5:

  • Screenshoots should only be shown for the specific the operating system. If it’s a Windows screenshot, make sure it only shows for Windows users. The existence of Windows screenshots gives Mac users the wrong impression that the article content only applies to Windows. To make content only display for certain operating systems and versions of Firefox, the instructions are in the contributor page called Using SHOWFOR.
  • Don’t let the total size of all screenshots in the article (including all operating systems) get above 200K. Crop or resize whenever possible; and if you resize the image, save it as a jpg file. If you need to remove previous images, remove in this order:
    1. Firefox 2.0/Mac
    2. Firefox 2.0/Linux (although there shouldn’t be any)
    3. Firefox 2.0/Windows
    4. Firefox 3.0/Mac
    5. Firefox 3.0/Linux (although there shouldn’t be any)
    6. Firefox 3.0/Windows
  • After updating screenshots on an article, update the Firefox 3.5 article tracker page so we know which articles are done.

Of course, the rest of the guidelines on our Adding screenshots page always apply. For most articles, any screenshots of the Options window will need updating because the Privacy icon has changed; and screenshots of the tab bar will also need to be updated because the New Tab button has moved since Firefox 3.0. If you have any questions, just post them in the Firefox 3.5 knowledge base status update thread in the Contributors forum. Thanks a lot!