Help Firefox users having problems with Facebook

Facebook has become an extremely popular social network the last couple of years — and we all know how quickly Firefox is growing its market share. Therefore, a little deductive reasoning tells us that many people must use Facebook with Firefox.

Last month we started to see a large increase in the amount of Firefox users having problems with Facebook. To help those users, we created a knowledge base article specifically for problems with Facebook. However it is a very generic article that suggests general troubleshooting solutions. Facebook users are having specific problems, like not being able to enter text in their status, or Facebook chat not working.

We would like to improve the article by listing each problem and its corresponding solution, but we’ve had some difficulty pinpointing the specific solution for each problem. Maybe one or two Facebook applications are causing a certain issue?

If you have experienced any problems in Firefox when using Facebook, we’d like to hear from you! Post whatever information you can provide in this Contributors forum thread. You need to log in to post, so if you don’t already have an account, you can register here. Thank you for any help you can provide.

(And if you’re on Facebook and contribute to SUMO, remember to join the Mozilla Firefox page and the SUMO Contributors Facebook group.)

3 responses

  1. Mafizur wrote on :

    When I try to attach a file in the gmail account Firefox fails to do that finally. I reinstalled the FireFox in my PC.

  2. brian wrote on :

    on version 3.5.4

    Facebook is CONSTANTLY failing to load pages, the CSS is never interpreted- or interpreted incorrectly, someone initiating a new chat causes the entire application to redraw, I often have to back out of pages that do not load but the status on firefox will say DONE.

    It is truly a massive amount of problems. When I switch over to IE (shudder) it works just fine, everything skips along without a problem.

    What is going on here Firefox? It’s getting to the point I am considering Chrome.

  3. Chris Ilias wrote on :

    @Mafizur: You question doesn’t seem to be related to the blog post. If you are looking for user support, it is best to go to There is a knowledge base, forum, and even live chat. For instructions, see

    @brian: Not everyone is having the same problems as you, so we are trying to figure out why it is happening for some people and not others. Any info you could provide, like which version of Firefox you have, your operating system, add-ons you have installed, Facebook apps you have installed, etc. would really help. Thanks!