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Meet SUMO in Whistler

The summit is going to start very soon now, and we can’t wait to meet the community; some for the first time even! If you are part of the Firefox support community or want to meet us, join us for a casual get-together in the Mozilla Cafe on Thursday night at 9.30pm, right after the World Expo. We will talk about current issues, demo our plans for the near future and have fun with Rock Band.

And when you’re in any way interested in Support make sure to include the following sessions into your schedule.

  • Leveraging Support’s User Base by Cheng, FRONT A,  SESSION 3 (WED AFT)
  • How to Write Awesome Documentation by Michael, FRONT A,  SESSION 2 (WED AFT)

Hope to see you all soon in Whistler!

3 comments on “Meet SUMO in Whistler”

  1. Baboo wrote on

    Don’t get stuck again. ;)

  2. Kadir Topal wrote on

    We will try not to be eaten by bears, if that’s enough ;)

  3. Tanner wrote on

    Well, bigfoot has been spotted. I don’t know if bigfoot or bears are worse.