Reaching Gold on SUMO

SUMO was started 3 years ago to gather Mozilla’s support efforts in one place and offer the best possible help platform for Firefox users. In time the self help part of that platform has grown to almost 300 articles.

Localizers understand how important help in the native language is for users. One of our locale communities in particular took that to heart and was the first to reach 100% localization of our knowledge base: The dutch community! I would like to thank Ton especially for his enduring effort to provide the best localized help possible for our dutch speaking Firefox users. Awesome Job, Tonnes!

Shortly after Tonnes, the German community led by Thomas Schwecherl, also reached the goal of 100% localization. Thomas was kind enough to write a blog post about that great achievement, and we’ll publish that shortly. Thanks, Thomas!

We have a rich knowledge base with almost 300 articles and we reach almost 1 Million users per day with those articles. That’s a lot of people, who are happy their problem is solved. English is only one of the languages our users speak, half of all Firefox downloads are for languages other than English. Luckily we have a vibrant localization community spanning the world from the Netherlands to Japan.

However, if you are a localizer and don’t think you could handle 300 articles, worry not. Our stats show that with only 15-20 localized articles you can already answer half of all the questions people might have. And if you already run forums in your language this is a great way to reduce the load on them to take better care of people with more unusual issues. If you’re interested, we have a guide for you on how to get started:

*Picture taken from Stockvault, CC licenced.

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