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Want to help Firefox 4 users? Here’s how!

Last week, we posted a blog post about the upcoming Support Firefox Day on Wednesday March 23rd. That day, we expect almost a million Firefox users to come to our support site with questions about Firefox 4.  We want them to have the best upgrade experience possible… with fast answers to all of their concerns.  And you are the perfect person to help! Here’s how to get started:

  1. Get an account on  It takes a few seconds and means that you can post in our support forums and also help on live chat.  Got one already? Just log in. Then, please take a moment to let us know you’ll be joining us.
  2. Go browse our unsolved questions. There are dozens posted every hour by users around the world.  Some need a simple pointer to an article in our extensive knowledge base. Some may need a little more troubleshooting or a guiding hand.
  3. Feeling particularly lively? You can install the Spark client and help users in real time over our live chat service.  Read about how to set it up here.
  4. Feeling more social? Help point Firefox users on twitter to the right resources for their questions by joining our Army of Awesome.

Sometimes, you’ll find a question you may not be sure of the answer to.  Never fear! The first thing even the experienced helpers do is to search SUMO.  Almost everything is either already documented or already asked (and answered) before.  Still stuck? We’re in the #sumo IRC channel all day on Wednesday and pretty much all the time every other time.  There, you’ll find people experienced in all things Firefox support … just ask away! You can also find us in our contributor forum.

And don’t forget to check out Air Mozilla, where we’ll be broadcasting from Mountain View all day.

We’re glad you want to help out our millions of Firefox 4 users and we welcome you to the Firefox support community.  400 million users thank you!

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  2. smo wrote on

    Hi cw:
    Who’s that girl (nice smile!) on your left? Latest SuMo addition? About (hurrumph) time!


  3. Simy Mir wrote on

    yes definitely I will help ,more than glad to help out

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  5. danygroca wrote on

    Good afternoon. I just wanted to inform that i had a problem with jdownloader after upgrading forefox 3.6 to firefox 4. Without any reason since I´ve upgraded the firefox my jdownloader closes automatically after 4 or 5 minutes stopping all the downloads. I would like to know if you have tested it or of somebody had the same problem . My jdownloader realease is 0.7. Thank you so much. Daniel from Argentina

  6. Yanling Tang wrote on

    Maybe my computer got virus when I download firefox 4, Could you help me fix it? I can not go to internet now.

  7. susanac wrote on

    Hello, I have problems since I tried to download firefox 4, please tell me how can I return to previus version, that was Ok for me, and no problems at all. Now I have to use explorer.

  8. cryoz wrote on

    ///Yanling Tang 23 March 2011 at 1:44 pm #

    Maybe my computer got virus when I download firefox 4, Could you help me fix it? I can not go to internet now.

    Can you access internet with another browser?

  9. cryoz wrote on

    The cause

    If you were able to load websites until you updated Firefox, your Internet security software (including firewalls, antivirus programs, anti-spyware programs, and more) is likely preventing Firefox from connecting to the Internet.

    This problem occurs when your Internet security program was set to trust the previous version of Firefox, but no longer recognizes your updated version as trusted.

    Some Internet security programs can block Internet access even when they are in a “disabled” state.
    Fixing the problem

    To allow Firefox to connect to the Internet again:

    Make sure your Internet security software is up-to-date (i.e. you are running the latest version).
    Remove Firefox from your program’s list of trusted or recognized programs, then add it back.

    If the Internet security program or firewall you are using is listed below, click its link to see a tutorial on how to configure it to allow Firefox to connect to the Internet again:

    AVG Internet Security
    Avira Premium Security Suite (Avira Knowledge Base)
    BitDefender Internet Security
    CA Internet Security Suite
    Comodo Internet Security
    Comodo Firewall Pro
    F-Secure Internet Security
    Kaspersky Internet Security
    McAfee Internet Security 2009 or 2010
    McAfee Security Center (McAfee Total Protection, McAfee AntiVirus, or McAfee Internet Security 2011)
    Norton 360
    Norton Internet Security
    Online Armor Free
    Panda Internet Security
    Trend Micro Internet Security
    Windows Firewall
    ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

    Contributors to this page: AliceWyman

    hope this helps
    Josh Z

  10. tpflum wrote on

    I loaded FF4 today. It seems to run well except the bookmark button has disappeared, the config (?) button has disappeared, and I cannot find any help.
    Also how do manage add-ons?

  11. Maureen wrote on

    I have just installed FireFox 4 and so far, so good.

    Two things I dislike,

    1. The tabs have been moved under the menu bar….not a good design. I much prefer them were they were in 3.6.

    2. FireFox still do not show the home page when a new tab is openend, having these features would be far better.

    Trying to submit this form is a bit of a nightmare as FF goes to a blank page!

  12. Free BBQ Recipes wrote on

    I don’t like version 4 at all, how can I go back to version 3.6

  13. Joseph McColgan wrote on


  14. RICK wrote on

    On a Mac computer, i downloaded FF4 and am now unable to open it. It says it’s unsupported. I have lost all the bookmarks from FF3.16, along with other essential information. WHAT GIVES?????

  15. mayah wrote on

    Why did you take organize bookmarks off? How does one fix or move a bookmark?
    Don’t you test a new version before you put it out for distribtion? Is it easier to just let the users test it for you? I have used Foxfire for a ling time and have always liked it. This verion I am not so sure of!

  16. kessei wrote on

    when quitting firefox 4 on a mac
    it no longer saves multiple tabs that are opened.

  17. Nise wrote on

    What’s up with Firefox? I had to spend hours getting a malicious plugin out of it. Would not even open. Now I got that out and can open it but it will not open Zoo World. Seems to be having problems with any site with flash.

  18. Edward wrote on

    QIM input doesn’t work on the new version!

    I am using Firefox 4 on Mac OX Snow Leopard. But I cannot change the input method to QIM which is from the third party. It worked very well on previous versions!

  19. sysjena wrote on

    Hi all.
    I’d download two days ago. I have a singolar problem.
    Don’t try the backpage button and forward page button, and also in the menu by right button mouse, the entry back and forward are inactive.
    I’ve try also to start in safe mode, but the problem persist. No answer on italian forum.
    Sorry for my bad english.
    Thanks for all answer.

  20. David Brewer wrote on

    Have just installed upgrade to Firefox 4 – not impressed! It will not run a security add-on “Rapport” supplied by my bank. Will no longer run the UK government Met Office gadget which I use everyday. I find the Yahoo toolbar etc. excessively intrusive to the point of being a virus especially when I ticked the box not to have the Yahoo toolbar when I installed the update. Have uninstalled Firefox 4, reinstalled Firefox 3.6.7 & am thinking about moving to another browser. Why mess things up when you had got it right in the first instance.

  21. Kadir wrote on

    Hello everyone, if you have an issue with Firefox, please use our support website:

    There is also a forum on that site, where I’d be glad to answer your questions.

  22. Jorginho wrote on

    SVP !!! N’étant pas du tout anglophone je ne peux savoir ce qui se passe sur Mozilla car c’est tout en anglais !!! Pouvez vous créer une sorte d’automatisme qui traduit automatiquement les pages de Mozilla selon l’endroit où c’est consulté ? Un peu comme Google quoi…
    Merci de tout ce que vous faites pour nous mais je ne parle pas anglais donc il en reste à faire…
    amitiés de la France

  23. stefy wrote on

    The new Mozzila is the best and easier to use.

  24. pc007 wrote on

    It looks like Firefox 4 doesn’t support Arial font family! Is it possible? Try to play with it in Firebug.

  25. jettaboy wrote on

    My internet connection has been unstable since I downloaded Firefox 4. I am now using Internet explore since Firefox keeps crashing.

    This upgrade sucks.

  26. jettaboy wrote on

    My internet connection has been unstable since I downloaded Firefox 4. I am now using Internet explore since Firefox keeps crashing.

    This upgrade sucks.

  27. Philip wrote on

    Have download firefox 4 several times cleared the registry, the lot, and all it does is make everything unstable and freezes the pc programmes
    It conflicts with Internet explorer
    I have used mozilla for quite some time but this is the biggest heap of rubbish ever produced and we cannot even go back and use mozilla 3.6 because all you are downloading is mozilla 4.
    The people I have recommended mozilla to are in double figures. Now I have to face them
    Never again,
    I am absolutely disgusted

  28. josephazar wrote on

    Why no drop down list by the forward/backward arrows? I miss those greatly!

    I also miss the progress bar. I don’t know now if there is progress or not.

  29. Robin wrote on

    So sorry that I downloaded the latest version. There is some dictionary sales pitch that is gumming up the system. Since I actually have work to do and don’t have time to play with fixing
    Firefox, it looks like I shift to windows internet explorer. Not a happy camper here.

  30. Elv wrote on

    I want to go back to the version 3.6.16

    Version 4.0 wants to completely wipe-out all my add-ons from version 3.6. I have spent way too much time finding and installing add-ons to see them go. Plus, the add-ons that I have now are used very often.

  31. wiki mechanics wrote on

    hi sir.
    some items have been disabled. they were very useful.for example: Ctrl+E (enable search engin bar) or F6 (enable Address bar).

  32. jeffo wrote on

    I have removed Firefox 4 for the time being as it caused a very weird behaviour on my Win 7 (64 bit) laptop. When logged is as a user, worked fine but logged in as administrator it acted very oddly: if I opened Chrome, Firefox would then open correctly and behave normally, but if I tried to start with Firefox, it would load into memory but neither Firefox nor any other application would be available for use. The computer was not frozen and I was able to restart, but no software would run.

    I am using Chrome for now and everything runs absolutely problem free.

  33. evandrolm wrote on

    i try to use ff4 but is freeze in pages … firefox freezes a msg “receiving dada from

  34. lsnoots wrote on

    So far, I wish I never downloaded 4.0. No autofills, no passwords that I’ve used for years are recognized. It’s a pain! Please come up with 4.0.1 in a hurry!
    Ihx, L.E.S.

  35. lsnoots wrote on

    So far, I wish I never downloaded 4.0. No autofills, no passwords that I’ve used for years are recognized. It’s a pain! Please come up with 4.0.1 in a hurry! Also don’t like the tabs on top.
    Ihx, L.E.S.

  36. ErikD wrote on

    Shifted to OPERA. FF4 too much trouble. It´s not ready yet. Where can we download the 3.6 again ?


  37. ZZR600 wrote on

    Firefox 4 is crap, no progress bar, no organize bookmarks option to import and backup bookmarks, and no australian dictionary. i have reinstalled 3.6 and wont be changing again

  38. myke726 wrote on

    firefox 4 parece tener la misma velocidad en cargar paginas que firefox 3,6. no se nota la diferencia que dice tener firefox 4 con firefox 3.6 porque????

  39. myke726 wrote on

    para mi firefox 3.6 es mas rapido y mejor que firefox 4 gracias.

  40. Ernesto Manifesto wrote on

    Told my sister she should upgrade to 4.0, She doesn’t have a new Mac…she downloaded 4.0, installed it, it didn’t check to see if it could run on her computer…now she has firefox 4.0 on a computer that can’t run it…I think someone missed a step.
    Now I’m trying to fix the issue but I can’t find anyplace to download firefox 3.XXX

  41. Uga81 wrote on

    When a seperate window opens for, say a photo, and then is closed. A dialog box comes up prompting to close all tabs. ?????????????????

  42. pikespeakman wrote on


    I currently use Mozy for my on-line backup
    I just upgraded to your 4.0 and ran into a problem with Mozy.

    Subject FilesystemError2
    Description Hello,

    I am using Windows 7 as an operating system and use Firefox 4.0. When Firefox starts up it creates a 0 byte file called parent.lock. The directory is:

    The error says: File locked during backup

    When I close Firefox the parent.lock goes away.

    Also the Green Start button can not be clicked.

    I un-installed 4.0, re-installed 3.6.13 and it runs fine.


  43. Chris wrote on

    Installed new Firefox 4, under Tools- Options- Privacy, the Privacy tab is blocked out, cannot make any changes like saving/deleting history ect.
    Nowhere to unblock this tab…