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Support Firefox Day, March 23rd

As everyone at Mozilla is getting ready for the Firefox 4 release, we at support are also ramping up our efforts to accommodate the big upgrade.

Firefox has hundreds of millions of users all over the world and with Firefox 4 they are going to get an awesome upgrade very soon. It’s one of our top priorities at SUMO to provide all of our users with a smooth transition to the new version, which will improve so many thing, especially in the user interface.

The last few weeks we have been updating our Knowledge Base, getting it ready and localized by our great community. But there will always be people who need direct support. To help everyone have a great first day experience with Firefox 4 we are going to have a Support Firefox Day on March 23rd. That day we will try to have as many helpers in the Forum and on Live Chat as possible. Besides upgrade issues we will answer questions about tabs that have changed positions, missing menubars and the many things that have changed since Firefox 3.6. So, even if you are not a support guru and only have a few minutes, you can still help less experienced users have a great first day with Firefox 4.

If you are interested, please add your name to the wiki, and join us in our forum on March 23rd. We will be on IRC in #sumo pretty much all day to coordinate our efforts. And we will have a live stream from the Mountain View office, where people will join us for the Support Firefox Day, between 9am and 12am and again from 1pm to 4pm (all dates PST) on Air Mozilla.

Join us and let’s make the first day experience for Firefox 4 users a truly great one!

All info for the Support Firefox Day:
March 23rd, 9am to 4pm PST

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