Meet Ibai!

Please join me in welcoming Ibai Garcia to Mozilla! Ibai (in some circles also known as El Fuego de la Cueva) is the SUMO team’s new Services Support Coordinator. He will lead the services support effort, including redefining the experience on multiple platforms, analyzing metrics and user feedback, and reporting metrics and support insights back to the product, engineering and QA teams.

Ibai has an impressive background in both online support and community management. In his most recent gig he was the Online Customer Service Manager at Vodafone in Spain, where he successfully scaled their support by integrating user-to-user help with the more traditional customer support channels (e-mail, phone, help center).

We’re all super excited to have Ibai joining the SUMO team.

P.S. You can follow Ibai on Twitter and read his blog (if you read Spanish).

6 responses

  1. Ludovic wrote on :

    Euskadi !!!!

  2. ZiggyMaes wrote on :

    Awesome, welcome to Mozilla! Please drop by on IRC (#sumo) some time ;)

  3. Tanner wrote on :

    Welcome aboard, Ibai!

  4. Scott wrote on :

    Glad to have you, ibai!

  5. Staś Małolepszy wrote on :

    Welcome Ibai!

  6. David Tenser wrote on :

    So great to have you on the team, Ibai!