Mobile Michelle: Up Up and Away

I joined Mozilla last month to serve as the SUMO Firefox Mobile Support Coordinator and it has been so exciting I wanted to invite you to become a Superhero with me.

Superpowers don’t come easy, so I’ve been participating in lots of exercises to increase my strength.

I attended a brainstorming session about use cases for mobile Firefox during my first week. We discussed everything from educational tasks, such as learning the recipes for a variety of mixed drinks, to traditional business communication needs. It was a passionate dialogue about mobile users, their characteristics, and how those characteristics drive needs on the mobile web.

There were a few takeaways from this think tank that I think we should consider when designing mobile support:

  • Every piece of data is useful and precious
  • Sometimes a data plan is too expensive and free wifi is not readily available
  • The internet can cause fatigue

I keep these in mind while planning the project to achieve SUMO’s mobile goal for this quarter, to make Android a top tier platform on FIrefox for Mobile Help. The plan proposes development of new knowledge base articles to describe Troubleshooting, Privacy & Security, and Advanced topics along with documenting new features. I also plan on making some changes to existing content to optimize for small screens, improve visibility of support resources and grow our community of experts.

Do join SUMO and participate in developing this content and in answering user questions with me. It has been incredibly rewarding to help new Firefox for Android users and I think you’ll enjoy it too. Just register and add some feedback on the Discussion tab for any article that you think needs some work, every extra voice will improve the final articles a great deal.

Firefox for Android is really new, so if you want to influence the direction of this technology, you should join in the conversation on the #mobile channel, I’m michelleluna, so say hello! All of the development and test engineers along with user experience designers, marketing and product managers and new folks like me hang out there.

If you’re in San Francisco, join our next meetup where we talk about Firefox for Android and enjoy brewery delights.

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  1. charles fritchie wrote on :

    No matter what I search for with Mozilla/Google, I get the message “done” with no useful action. I’m on a laptop, not a mobile phone, if that matters.

  2. samuelherry wrote on :

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