Thursday, June 21st is SUMO Day!

Is it Thursday again? Then it’s time for SUMO day! We’ll be answering questions in the support forum and helping each other in #sumo on IRC from 9am to 5pm PST (UTC -8).

Join us, create an account and then take some time on Thursday to help with unanswered questions. Please check the etherpad for additional tips. Last SUMO day we answered 95% of the questions, we can do 100% this time! Our goal is to respond to all the questions posted on Thursday, so please try to answer as many questions as you can throughout the day.

Don’t forget: if you get stuck or a question is too tricky, we’re there to help on #sumo

Happy SUMO day everybody!

4 responses

  1. John99 wrote on :

    I added a note to the etherpad about the new support forum canned responses feature, and Flash 11.3 issues.

  2. Madalina wrote on :

    Thanks John, great idea!

  3. Neil Rashbrook wrote on :

    Well, at least you used the correct meme character, although ideally the caption would have been “Answer ALL the questions”

  4. Madalina wrote on :

    You’re right it is not the typical caption, we just wanted to have a bit of fun. However if you have any suggestions on how we can do this better, we would love to hear them :)