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New Firefox for Android documentation

Today we launched the new Firefox for Android native UI on Google Play. On SUMO, we made Firefox mobile v14 articles the default version. This represents many months of work on new content to support the rewrite of the Firefox app. We think we hit all the high points, but we warmly welcome collaboration on support documentation if you ever find something that is confusing, inaccurate (eek!), or if you want to document something new.

Get support articles in Firefox for Android by going to Settings > About Firefox > Support. You’ll find the following resources for learning all about the app if you are new to it:

Thanks to the many contributors who helped with English content authoring Scoobidiver, Swarnava, Tonnes, verdi, Ibai, Corel, James, Centinel, Jason, mbrubeck, rnewman, Ian Melvin and all of the locale leaders for bringing SUMO content for mobile to their language Swarnava, Rueben, Kemcy, Tonnes, Scoobidiver, Ibrahima, Thomas, Tomer, Ashish, Belutz, Underpass, Michele, marsf, dynamis, midhun, GmbH, inguinha, Unghost, branor, smo, Guillermo López Leal, Ernest Chiang (MozTW), Selim Şumlu, Cláudio.

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  1. Swarnava Sengupta wrote on

    Good job guys